July 8, 2017 admin

Alchemy in the writing

Don’t underestimate this book This is powerful potions medicine.

It’s my mothers handwritten recipe book. She made one for me a long ago.

She conjures up feasts, boils up medicine to heal heart aches and mend family relations, brews desserts to keep people coming back and uses potions of the past to pass on to the next generation the palate of family heritage.

When she touches the page, her mother’s fingers touch hers and she can hear her whisper to her the ingredients and motions to get it just right. These whispers echo from grandmothers past.

One should never underestimate the power of the handwritten cookbook.

I love the name of some the recipes. Like Hospital brownies (recipe found likely in a magazine while at the hospital for example)

Look at that book. So many times it’s been written over and over because the pen pages blur. She will never put in plastic sheets.

The power of the alchemy of her fingers on the page is what brews the stew better and allows the cake to rise.

Some days if the touch is just right, the wooden spoon stirs itself.

You know it’s true.