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Invitation to Participate in Pachamama’s Entry in the Belleville Pride Parade


I would like to extend an invitation to our Pachamama’s Family to bring your friends and family to Belleville Pride Events this year.

The Pride Parade and Pride in the Park actual event date is July 23 12-4. The parade will held first to be followed by festivities at Zwicks. Preparations and finalizing booth and entry to be before that time/date.)

Please come and be a part of our Pride Parade entry this year where our theme will will be PEACE AND LOVE AND FLOWER POWER. So, pull out your head bands, love beads, your best “hippie” and fun outfits, add some flowers and rose-coloured glasses and march with us. (Or meet us in the park for events and festivities after.) Oh, and bring those tambourines, shakers and drums if it pleases you.

I am looking for supporters in any of the following ways.

  • Collecting and/or creating theme items to be used for decorating our car (or if someone has flat bed or the like they want to donate for the day we can create a float.)
  • Lending us your extra “peace and love and flower” attire to share with other walkers.
  • Walk in the parade with us. Dressed the part and maybe bring some children as butterflies and flowers???
  • Physical help with setting up our booth if we go that route. (Was thinking it would be fun to have a “Pachamama’s Lounge” area full of pillows and tapestries and the like – like a Hippie Haven to hang out in.) You know fun chill stuff.
  • Financial donations to help with providing hand outs and theme related decorations and signage if needed.
  • Donation of a sound system and power to play some great music with.
  • It would be most appreciated that if you plan to join us you will let me know so that we can decide if proceeding with the parade option is a viable one.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a large entry of peaceful, joy-loving people in costume fill the parade entry and tent area this year? I can see it through my rose-coloured glasses. Will you help out and join the fun?

If you have any questions or would like to let me know you can help in someway, you can txt 613-921-1970 or email me at tkennedy101@yahoo.ca

May you have a groovy Day!!!!

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