What is a shaman?

The word “shaman” is used describe someone who facilitates a coming into personal power and freedom for her clients. This process, often referred to as a healing, is one that fully reveals our core nature of love compassion and joy.

Ideally, someone who practices shamanism has been trained in techniques and initiated in a way that allows her to safely and effectively mediate between the physical and non-physical worlds in order to bring about some desired change on all layers of our being – body (literal/physical), mind (emotional/ psychological), soul (mythic) and spirit (energetic/sacred).

Whereas practitioners of Western medicine diagnose and intervene only on the physical and/or psychological levels, the shaman engages the healing process at all four levels, with an emphasis on the mythic and energetic, and assists clients in “mapping” a vision of their new healed state.

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The shaman is a healer, a storyteller, a myth-maker, a wisdom keeper, a visionary, a midwife to your becoming and a technician of sacred skills.

She calls on all the forces of nature, both physical and non-physical, to help her do her work. She restores balance to any situation through being in “right relationship” both with herself and with nature. Because of this, there is very little for her to actually “do.” The shaman’s greatest responsibility, therefore, is to “hold sacred space,” and to simply allow the visioning and healing work to take place.

The shaman sees no separation between matter and spirit. To the shaman, all matter is animated. There is nowhere that spirit is not.