Welcome to Pachamama's

Pachamama’s is home to Inter-tribal Shaman Tracey Kennedy and Associates. We specialize in healing, transition and soul work. We offer private sessions, workshops/classes, and ceremonies that celebrate and honour life’s journey.

You are invited to join our community. Come and rest in our nest and when you desire it, spread your wings and fly! WE are glad you are here and we thank you for being you! Take a look around, get to know us.

We are all looking forward to being of service and do hope we meet you in person soon!


A winning combo

Our shaman Tracey is exactly who you want when you’re doing light explorations into self or deep work at a soul level. Having a natural shamanic ability coupled with extensive training and experience makes it possible to assist you in many ways.

Come and reduce stress and increase your vitality, move on from depression, anxiety, trauma, and limiting beliefs, reduce chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD and chronic pain symptoms, increase fertility and reduce fear and much, much more!

Helping you remember how amazing you truly are!


What you're looking for

From one-on-one sessions, educational series and community events to celebratory ceremonies, rites of passage and the darker arts – it’s all here. Please let us know if there’s something specific you are looking for.


Personal one-on-one sessions where we attend to the deeper, more specific work to help you be the fulfilled person you intend to be. Shamanic work, counselling and mentoring, reiki, craniosacral, tarot card readings, hot stone massage, reflexology, Ayurvedic indian head massage and more! Sessions are $120 for new clients. Package specials available upon request.


Education in a wide range of topics such as reiki, heritage work, essential oils, energy cleanses, healing and journeying. We are always adding to the mix and encourage any suggestions you may have.


No one loves a party more that we do, so count on coming to quite a few during the year to mark any occasion – St. Patrick’s day, Tarot card parties (at your home), Pride parade, Despacho ceremony – you name it, we’re there!


Cleansing, healing, blessing and protection ceremonies are offered at various times during the year at the studio and we are also happy to come to you to help mark rites of passage and special occasions.


These soul level arts are deep-in-the-earth teachings using all creative forces available to bring in the light. The darkness, the deep, and the black rich soil hold all the greatness life has to offer. Come find what is missing or required to enhance your life by exploring these sacred areas and sourcing the perfect expressions to increase your life vitality and purpose.


Energy/Entity Extraction
Soul or Destiny Retrieval
Bands of power
Rites of passage
Corporate shaman work
Home, land and business blessings and clearings


You're in good company!

Read on to see what our many happy clients have to say about Pachamama’s and Tracey’s work.!


Have a look around

A little mini-tour to show you all the good things we get up to and would love to share with you. Come on in!